Congratulations on your well-deserved award!

Thank you for sharing your words, and your amazing poem.

Darkness really seems to be descending quickly, and people seem blind, or at the very least, complacent. I don’t feel there is the urgency necessary for the situation in which we find ourselves, as if people think “there’s no way that’ll ever happen” when confronted with the many oppressions that are already happening!

I’m trying to hold onto those small moments of hope that you describe; it’s becoming harder to do each day, it seems. Your writing is a beacon in the sludge - thank you for keeping us in the fight!

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May we all share in that light!

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Congratulations on being honored. You are a voice that must be heard. Your writing is lyrical, beautiful, and full of truth. Thank you for using your gifts to educate, encourage, and enrich.

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